Mousse Process offers depalletising and palletising systems using robots equipped with vacuum technology grippers.

Handling robot

Vacuum gripper for destacking wooden wedging pieces individually.
Supplying a packaging line.

Pallet destacker

The PMBC 220C 1300XC – carbon fibre technology gripper system is particularly well suited to gripping new or used pallets. Carbon fibre grippers are always more effective as their low weight allows the use of lighter, cheaper more energy efficient robots.

Stacking cupboard doors

Carbon fibre gripper PMBC 1100 X 2300 XC Dimensions 1100mm × 2300 mm – Lifting capacity 42Kg.
The cupboard doors leave the wrapping machine horizontally and then need to be palletised vertically. Due to the reduced carbon fibre gripper weight, applications posing particularly difficult and complex technical problems are easily solved. Mousse Process has developed many applications for gripping products in plastic film (waterproof or micro-perforated).

All technical information is given as an example. A personalized study is carried out for each project.