The VHL lifting beams can lift loads from 200kg to 10,000kg. The lifting beams are suspended from a chain or cable hoist and manually controlled by the operator. The gripper can be used under a slewing jib crane for capacities from 200kg to 1000kg or under a gantry. For loads of greater than 1000kg the VHL is installed under a powered overhead crane. For each application, Mousse Process designs and offers solutions adapted to the customer's requirements.


Vacuum handling Aid / Gripper
Gripper suspended from Pillar mounted Slewing jib at the saw outfeed.
Lifting capacity: 350Kg
Jib length range 3m to 7m.


Ventouse d’aide à la manutention
Empileur de plots et poutres en sortie de sciage
Capacité de levage : 350 kg
Potence de portée : 3 m à 7 m

All technical information is given as an example. A personalized study is carried out for each project.