The VHL-T lifting devices can lift loads from 30 kg to 450 kg. The lifting is obtained using a retractable tube and a vacuum turbine. VHL-T are designed for their ease of use and manœuvering speed. The right handle is equipped with a valve to control the lifting. The left handle is equipped with a pneumatic regulator to control the suction of the gripper. A multi-cell foam vacuum gripper enables the handling of deformed, rough products, with splits, knots etc… The lifter can be used under a jib crane or under a gantry. The VHL - T range of devices are manually guided by the operator. It is possible to equip VHL - T manipulators with motors for transverse and longitudinal direction movements. Mousse Process has improved the ergonomics of the lifters by reducing the weight of the grippers. For every application, Mousse Process offers an installation specifically designed for the customer's needs..


Wood panel manipulator
Lifting capacity: 50Kg
To lift OSB – MDF – Melamine – solid wood – plywood or composite type panels.


Vacuum gripper handling aid
To Handle wooden frames and platforms
Lifting capacity: 160Kg
Species of timber: hardwood, softwood, exotic.

All technical information is given as an example. A personalized study is carried out for each project.