Who we are

Mousse Process is a medium sized family business, founded in 2010. It specializes in robotics and grippers using vacuum technology. The production site located in Dourdan in Essonne operating in a 930m² workshop.
As a result of regular innovations and modern production methods, Mousse Process has steadily progressed. In addition to conventional manufacturing resources, it is equipped with a water jet cutting centre and a numerically controlled machining table.
In August 2022, Mousse Process opened a branch in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region following their acquisition of Chaudronnerie Europe. The new production site has a 1600m² workshop. It is equipped with a high precision laser for cutting metal parts.
Mousse Process has seen its workforce increase from 2 employees in 2010 to 15 employees in 2022. It owes its growth to research and innovation, as well as strict control of production costs.
Mousse Process participates in the dissemination of its knowledge and the training of young people by integrating many technicians and engineers on a work-study basis.
Mousse Process attaches great importance to the satisfaction of all their customers and thank them warmly for their testimonials.